CURT Channel-Style Lunette Eye Hardware Kit #48621


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In agriculture, construction and even military applications, pintle hitches are the trusted product of specialized towing. They are notorious for their high weight capacity and simple design. The basic pintle hitch is essentially a hook and loop, with the hook attached to the vehicle and the loop mounted on the trailer. Because of their simple design, pintle hitches are able to have thicker metal construction and more secure coupling. CURT has a wide variety of pintle hitches and pintle-style products to give you a complete solution for your heavy-duty towing needs.

This bolt kit for CURT channel-mount lunette eyes allows for secure mounting of an adjustable lunette eye in a lunette channel. It includes two 5-1/2″ hex bolts, two 1-1/2″ hex bolts, two nylock nuts and four washers.


Side Application Type Description: Not Applicable
Shipping Weight: 2.000
Mount Type Description: Not Applicable
Material: Blank


  • Compatible with CURT lunette eyes #48630 or #48640 and channels #48610 or #48650
  • Adjustable channel mount allows for precise trailer leveling


  • Compatible with CURT lunette eyes #48630 or #48640 and channels #48610 or #48650

CURT Pintle Hitches Introduction