NH State Inspections

At Ron’s Toy Shop, we have been your trusted state licensed inspection facility for over 30 years. We offer New Hampshire State Inspections for ALL makes and models – both foreign and domestic – including vintage/classic and antique models! No matter what you drive, visit us for your annual car inspection.

The State of New Hampshire requires that all registered vehicles undergo a safety inspection within ten days of registration. Registered vehicles must be re-inspected every year within ten days after the end of the owner’s birth month. If a vehicle is sold, it must be re-inspected in the new owner’s name within ten days of registration, even if the original inspection sticker has not expired. The only exception is antique motor vehicles, which must be inspected in the month of April every year.

In addition to car and truck inspections, we also offer NH State Inspections on trailers, RVs, and motorhomes.

Please contact us for availability and to schedule an inspection your vehicle or request an appointment online. More information on NH State Inspections can be found on the State’s website.