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If you own multiple trailers or frequently tow a variety of loads, you know how much time and money are spent tailoring your towing system to each and every individual trailer. There is nothing more inconvenient than switching back and forth between a few different ball mounts and trying to remember which mount fits with which trailer. A CURT adjustable ball mount is your multipurpose towing solution. Its key feature is its adjustable design that takes the form of an adjustable channel-style mount or adjustable shank. Both use a series of holes to allow the ball mount to be vertically adjusted and allow for significant flexibility in drop and rise. With a variable ball height, CURT adjustable ball mounts can easily accommodate different coupler heights and multiple trailers.

This particular adjustable ball mount is considered a class 3 ball mount and comes with an adjustable shank. It features a gross trailer weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. and a tongue weight rating of 500 lbs. Unlike other adjustable ball mounts that have fixed trailer balls, this one comes with a trailer ball platform with a 1″ ball hole, allowing it to readily accept the trailer ball of your choice.

With its 1 1/2″ adjustment increments, this class 3 adjustable ball mount has a maximum drop of 7 1/4″ and a maximum rise of 6 1/4″. It also features a total length of 12 1/2″. All CURT adjustable ball mounts come with a 2″ x 2″ shank and are made with sturdy steel construction. For long-lasting rust, scratch and UV resistance, they also come with our gloss black powder coat finish to give you peace of mind for the road ahead.


Product Type Description: Adjustable Ball Mount
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Shipping Weight: 12.640
Gross Trailer Weight(GTW): 5,000 LB
Tongue Weight(TW): 500 LB
Drop: 7 1/4 IN Maximum
Rise: 6 1/4 IN Maximum
Receiver Tube Size: 2
Length: 12 1/2 IN
Ball Hole: 1 IN
Finish: Gloss Black Powder Coat


  • Features an adjustable shank for maximum height flexibility
  • Fits trailer hitches with a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening
  • Adjusts in 1 1/2" increments for precise trailer leveling
  • Shank can be flipped for a max rise of 6 1/4" and drop of 7 1/4"
  • Equipped with a 1" hole to accept a trailer ball shank
  • Hollow shank weighs less and can be used with an anti-rattle kit
  • CNC-formed, robotically welded and mechanically descaled for a perfect fit
  • Protected by a durable powder coat finish
  • Made in USA

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