CURT Replacement Adjustable Tri-Ball Tube Mount #45802


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If you own multiple trailers or frequently tow a variety of loads, you know how much time and money are spent tailoring your towing system to each and every individual trailer. There is nothing more inconvenient than switching back and forth between a few different ball mounts and trying to remember which mount fits with which trailer. A CURT adjustable ball mount is your multipurpose towing solution.

This replacement tube mount for the CURT adjustable tri-ball mount #45799 is designed to mount the replacement tri-ball head #45800. It is intended to mount onto the adjustable shank #45059 for easy height adjustment and trailer levelling. Mounting requires the three 5/8″ diameter pins and clips included with the complete tri-ball assembly. All CURT adjustable ball mounts are made with sturdy steel construction and come with a durable powder coat finish for long-lasting rust, scratch and UV resistance.


Shipping Weight: 8.000
Warranty: One Year Limited


  • Replaces the tube mount for the adjustable tri-ball mount #45799
  • Accepts the adjustable tri-ball mount head #45800
  • Protected by a durable powder coat finish