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A lot depends on your brake control functioning properly. There are thousands of pounds to be managed and brought to a halt every time you stop your truck and trailer. The CURT brake control tester box is an advanced safety measure designed specifically for testing the functions of brake control units. A brake controller is a powerful and sophisticated tool, but as with any tool, it is important to inspect it once in a while.

The CURT brake control tester tests the brake activation function of a brake control by showing the voltage output while braking. It also checks brake light activation, short circuit protection and disconnect notification. The CURT brake control tester is compatible with time-based and inertia-based brake controls and is equipped with a quick plug connector to plug into any CURT brake control.

Testing your brake control unit with the CURT brake control tester is easy, and does not require the control to be hooked up to your vehicle or trailer. Simply plug the 12V cord into any standard 120V wall socket, hook up your brake control unit using the quick plug connector, and you are ready to begin. The voltmeter on the brake control tester box will display the brake control’s voltage output to ensure proper braking power for your trailer, and the red brake button on the tester will allow you to check the brake control’s response without actually hooking up your vehicle for towing. The brake control tester box also features a brake lamp indicator for brake controls with brake light activation, a short circuit / overload protection button, allowing you to test the brake control’s response to adverse electrical situations, as well as a disconnect test to ensure that your brake control will properly notify you of a vehicle-trailer disconnect.

Whatever your brake control of choice — the CURT TriFlex, Reflex, Discovery or Venturer — and whatever heavy-duty cargo you choose to tow, the CURT brake control tester box lets you Bring It.


Warranty: One Year Limited
Shipping Weight: 2.644
Product Type Description: Brake Control Tester


  • Designed to bench test a brake control for proper function
  • Tests brake voltage, pedal activation, short-circuit / overload and disconnect
  • Fits all CURT brake control quick plugs
  • Constructed with durable components for long life and dependability
  • Made in USA


Instruction sheet: PDF Download