1932 Ford Roadster “Hi-boy” 5-speed manual




We have a beautiful replica of a 1932 Ford roadster “Hi-boy”. Looking to take a ride down some of the scenic back roads in New Hampshire? Look no further, this is the perfect car for the job. Shining with a deep black coat with fresh tan leather interior, this car will have no issues grabbing attention while out and about. Classic colors for a classic car. For power to get you where you’re going, you can count on the healthy Chevrolet 350 that also sports mild cam to give you that extra “umph”. This engine setup is mated to a manual 5 speed that does marvelous torque transfer to the 8.8 Ford rear end. I know, you probably haven’t seen a five-speed roadster in a long time, but I promise, it’s as awesome as you think. The fifth gear allows you to pur down the freeway just as you would in your regular driver. But at the same time, allow you to really drive the car the way you would want to. The exhaust has a subtle rumble that does not drone when doing those weekend cruises to blow off that work related stress that needs to go out the window. Take a good look at this car build, the undercarriage is all painted and done right. From the Corvette valve covers to the catchy torque thrust II American racing wheels, you can be modern day American Graffiti cruising in no time!



Pics coming soon!